Kickstarter video for Modko organizational products. Modko 2014

Product how-to video for modern litter box. Modko 2014

Product video for indoor potty for dogs. Modko 2014

Videography and set for 'overview' of cat litter bin. Modko 2014

Mother Brother Studios. 2012

By Matthew Grandin for the University of Michigan Baja Racing Team. Every year the Society of Automotive Engineers hosts a series of competitions attended by a hundred or more student teams from engineering colleges around America and the globe. Teams design & build a race vehicle throughout the academic year. They gather to compete in Dynamic Events including Acceleration, Rock Climbing, Maneuverability and Hill Climbing in the summer. A 4 hour Endurance Race over a rugged motocross-style track ends each competition and sends teams home with pending repairs. Students gain hands-on engineering practice, real-world job skills and an exciting final assessment!

Studio experiment with Peter Ossi. Watch in HD. 2015

GoPro walkthrough at The Race of Gentlemen 2014.

During Ann Arbor's harsh winter, Squirrels befriend students, chase each other around and more! David Attenborough style commentary provided with a (not)genuine British accent! Planet Earth Spoof about Squirrels on the University of Michigan Campus, Ann Arbor, MI. Documentary/Mock-umentary with commentary (5min 10sec)

Short stop motion animation. Shot in Ann Arbor, MI with a Canon G7 and trusty tripod. Enjoy!

by Matt Grandin.

University of Michigan's SAE Formula Racing team tests their car in the rain. April 2, 2011.