A niche' workshop on the Brooklyn Waterfront that specializes in the design and fabrication of specialty items for commercial clients.

Making retail and museum fixtures, signs, sculpture, props, mechanical gizmos, furniture, and more.

3D design, CAD, prototyping, project management, prop making, patinas, product design, costume accessories, carpentry, welding, metalwork, lathe, leather sewing, leatherwork, art handling, installation, mechanical sculptures, scenic carpentry, custom soft goods, handmade items and more.

· Commercial venues, restaurants, or stores who want unique installations, custom furniture, facades, display hardware, or installation
· TV, Film & Theater clients who need unique props, costumes, or functional fabrications
· Galleries & Artists who need assistance installing or producing artwork and/or developing display solutions
· Individuals who require custom design, restoration or fabrication services


We are based in the Brooklyn Navy Yard and serve the NYC area.
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