Custom Pedestals, Museum Mounts and Display Sourcing
Curated by Andrew Zuckerman

Industrial Design, Project Management, Pneumatic Assemblies, Sourcing, CAD, Multidisciplinary Design, Metalwork, Woodwork, Art Handling

- Pneumatic pedestal with control panel for Final Frontier Design's prototype Space Glove, featured on Wired
- Marble base for Dinosaur Leg Fossil
- Corian bases with painted steel bases for Bows by Brian Persico
- Woodworking and finish on Rocking Horse
- Corian Bases and custom armatures for Cassowary Bone Knives, Paleolithic Hand Axes, and Bronze Age Mirror
- Restoration of 'Ant Palace' and marble base
- Armatures inside vitrines for Space Glove and Hassleblad Model
- Steel wall mounts for textile pieces
- Table displays for Taylor Compass Collection
- Corian Pedestals for Art Basel
- Corian lightbox for hand cut crystal Glasses

Photos Courtesy Guang. Welding by Evan Yee.