As a Production Assistant, Carpenter, and Propmaster I have had the pleasure of working on countless hilarious and absurd props and sets for TruTV's Impractical Jokers. All under the supervision and guidance of Production Designer Will Thaxton.

S4E14 - Bathroom of Horrors - Asst. Art Dept. with build (uncredited)
S4E19 - Tied and Feathered - Asst. Art Dept. & featured as power washer operator (uncredited)
S4E23 - Hopeless and Changeless - Horse track pun, assisted AD (Credited: PA)
S4E25 - The Taunted House - assisted Art Director with build (Credited: PA)
S4E26 - Doomed - Gallows and Spear Props for "horde"(Credited: PA)
S5E16 - Virtual Insanity - Build cabinet for "re-creation" of Sisters VR Room (Credited: Carpenter)
S5E23 - Spider Man- built various objects (Credited: Carpenter)
S5E24 - Stage Fright - painted set pieces of stage for musical, (Credited: carpenter)
S5E26 - Nitro Circus Spectacular - assisted production designer (unsure if credited)
S6E2 - Lady and the Tramp - props in 2-way mirror, egg, hydrant, dog, guitar drop (uncredited)
S6E5 - Vampire Weakened - assisted production designer (Credited: Carpenter)
S6E13 - Universal Appeal - built set and painted for farmhouse spider play (uncredited)
S6E16 - Three Men and Your Baby - assisted art director (uncredited)
S6E18 - Rubbed the Wrong Way - designed and developed set for Genie play (uncredited)
S7E6 - Turning the Tables - designed & built breakaway tables for Joe's punishment (uncredited)
S7E8 - No Child Left Behind - assisted with toy props (uncredited)
S7E10 - Speech Impediment - two-way mirror props (Credited: Propmaster/Set Construction)
S7E12 - Bull Shiatso - Massage Chair prop consultant (Credited: Propmaster/Set Construction)
S7E21 - Out of Left Field - assisted art department on set (uncredited)

Shank from Impractical Jokers S7E12

Humorously exhibited at the Staten Island Museum among artifacts, 2018